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Having a fiesta party for your child? Here is a  great way for kids to take their fiesta treats home: This fiesta craft can be set up as a fun activity for the children to do as they arrive (so bags have time to dry).

You will need:

  1.   a small paper bag with handles for each child

  2.   various colors of tissue paper

  3.   scissors

  4.   white glue

  5.   small brushes (one for each child)

  6.   construction paper or color paper

  7.   scraps, ribbons, buttons, aluminum foil,

   googly-eyes, streamers

  1. a few samples  or templates (patterns) ready


  1. 1.Mix white glue with water in small paper

    cup or plastic container

  1. 2.Cut tissue paper into smaller pieces or


  1. 3.Using brush, paste tissue paper onto

    paper bag until it is completely covered.

  1. 4.Add features (ex. if it is a “dog” pinata, cut

   out ears from construction paper and glue on. if it is an

   octopus, use streamers for the tentacles; paste googly

   eyes or eyes from construction paper...)

  1. 5.Let dry.

How to make fiesta treat bags


  1. With younger children: Use glue sticks instead of white glue with water. Cut the tissue paper into pieces or shapes ( squares, triangles, circles).  This will make it easier for the little ones to decorate their own bag.

  1. If this will be craft activity for your party, pre-cut the tissue paper strips, or paper shapes and accents so that the fiesta treat bags are easy and quick to assemble.